Night of worship with Daniel Eric Groves

Sunday, january 14 -  6pm


Daniel Eric Groves’ heart is to bring a simplicity back to worship. He has no intentions of becoming famous; he just wants people to see God through his music. Worship is an action, a lifestyle, a choice, an attitude, and genuine appreciation of a God that protects and loves more than our human minds can fathom.

Daniel & Jackie’s prayer is that with every Worship event, each individual is able to enter into a ‘new’ place with God, and that in that place they find a joy that is unspeakable; healing for all that binds them; as well as a safety that nothing here on earth could ever give them.

Daniel & Jackie make a point to never entertain those that join in worship with them. They lead worship for churches, conferences, and programs all over the United States. They have reached a widespread and multicultural assembly of people through worship. Daniel and Jackie have led worship for evangelists and ministers all over the world. Whether for ten or ten thousand, Daniel and Jackie’s heart for worship remains the same – to lead believers into the very presence of God.