Sunday, October 22 2017 - 10am & 6pm

John & Laura are reaching France & the French-speaking world with the Word of God. Laura, (an American), and I, (a Brit), have been preaching the Gospel in France since September 1984.  With more than 30 years on the mission field & 35 years of marriage our heart is to encourage everyone to find & fulfill their destiny in God. The four mandates of our Ministry are:

1) The Local church

2) The printed page

3) Rhema Bible Training College in French

4) Teaching and preaching the Word around the world

1) The Local church:  We started “Victoire Centre Chretien” in Nice, France in March 1985.  We are currently in transition as we hand over to our son-in-law & daughter (Philippe & Rebecca Boulanger) in January 2018.  There Is no success without successors!

2) The printed page: Our team has translated and printed more than 40 books in the French language.  To date more than 500,000 books have been printed. These are being distributed everywhere that French is spoken.

3) Rhema Bible Training College in French:  Training nationals to reach their own.  We launched the first French RHEMA in September 2007 outside of Geneva, Switzerland, in Nice in 2010 and in Paris in 2015. We also teach regularly at Rhema Quebec.  In November 2012 we helped Pastors Ken & Tonja Taylor pioneer Rhema Haiti & are now working with them to start campuses In French-speaking Africa. 

 We are also training up French-speaking Rhema graduates to teach in each of the French schools. Half of our current teachers are now "home grown"!

 4) Teaching the Word:  Across France, Switzerland and the French-speaking world in local churches and national conferences. We specialize on the Family, Healing, and Faith.  We also believe every missionary is mandated to return home to stir the church for missions. We expect one of 2 responses - to go or to send.