our vision 

Reaching People. Changing Lives.



1. Helping people find their lives in Christ. 

2. Getting people saved.


1. Having people come to the knowledge of the Truth.

2. Help people find their lives in Christ  

3. Help people grow spiritually (becoming a disciple of Christ) so that they can go and make disciples. 


These core values serve as our guiding principles and foundational commitments:

  • Exalting the Person and work of Jesus Christ.

  • Upholding the Word of God as our standard for life and ministry.

  • Training and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

  • Commitment to passionate worship.

  • Commitment to prayer.

  • Providing an atmosphere for the development of increased faith.

  • Fostering a lifestyle of giving.

  • Commitment to evangelism and world missions.

  • Affirming the biblical view of Creation.

  • Fostering biblical character, integrity, and faithfulness.

  • Emphasizing a life of holiness and sanctification.

  • Commitment to the priority of family relationships.

  • Upholding the sanctity of life and valuing each child as a gift from God.

  • Compassionate outreach to the needy.

  • Supporting the nation of Israel as a vital part of God’s eternal plan.

  • Releasing women as equal partners in ministry.

  • International in outreach.