A New Car!

God said seek first His Kingdom and the blessings will overtake us. Well let me tell you guys, His blessings have certainly overtaken me. I've been believing that God has supplied me with a car for college, I've been taking advantage of every opportunity thrown my way to save money for a car. But I didn't focus all of my attention on getting a car. I kept walking forward doing His good works like we've talked about in CCG. You take your eyes off the blessing and on the Word and the Kingdom of God and blessings just start pouring into your life. My aunt texted me yesterday and asked me if I wanted her car. So of course I asked how much? Her response: Free. A FREE CAR?! She has also offered to pay my phone bill through all of my schooling. Blessed beyond what I could have ever imagined. God is so good! THANK YOU LORD -- Breanna

Jeannette Finley