Healing Power of God!

I don't know where to start for sure. I was diagnosed with several issues in my back, stenosis, degenerative disk disease, bone spurs, and the list goes on. I was having "blackout", excruciating pain, headaches, and had 5 major knee surgeries(4 in 2 yrs).  

   So let's start with the knee. I went to see the orthopedic Dr.  Fully convinced in my mind that I was ready for the knee replacement. I was tired of the pain, the swelling, and it going out on me.  The Dr said he could do it.  He had significant cause to but it wasn't as bad as most, plus I was on the strongest pain meds that a person can be on already, so he couldn't give me anything else for the pain and it will hurt. So I left.  Went to my truck, sat there and cried out to Jesus and said " You said I'm healed now I need to see the manifestation, man won't, I can't, the pain hurts. Here's where it gets good. As plain as day I hear this "ABOUT TIME YOU GOT OUT OF THE WAY" Then I literally started to feel things grow back in my knee. 

  The back pain.  Well I had a spinal stimulator placed in 6 yrs ago. It did the job that it was supposed to do.  However I didn't like the fact of an object in my body. I had to charge it about every other day. (8 hours).  So again I started saying "IT IS WRITTEN I'M HEALED IN JESUS NAME. " Quoting scriptures like Isaiah

   53:5, 1 Peter 2:24 Galatians 3:13-14.   

Next thing my back is healed and I have the spinal stimulator removed!  (see photos).

  Then the headaches I praise God for Dave(Dr Kershner). He figured out in 4 hours what no other drugs was able to figure out in over 30 yrs. The headaches would be so intense that I would literally squeeze my head so hard and scream and cry because of the pain.  I would " black out".  Anyway Dr Kershner found the issue. God uses Dr's. He directed to one of the best. I have been headache free (other that a few small ones from sleeping wrong or something else) now for 2 years.

  So that's basically it for the physical. 


Carissa StubbinsComment