God healed my shoulder!

About 3 months ago I tore my supraspinatus (shoulder) muscle. It effected my daily routine so I couldn’t do daily tasks without pain. I took a month off of working out to let it heal and that didn’t help. All the while I am believing and speaking God’s healing scriptures. 
The pain progressively got worse.
I went to physical therapist and after a week of physical therapy, the therapist referred me to Orthopedic doctor. I have nothing against doctors...I just know that God is The Healer, so I have been speaking Healing Scriptures and just thanking Him for my healing. The pain progressively got worse. I wasn’t able to sleep or move my left arm with out excruciating pain for at least 3 weeks. I started thinking that maybe I should go see the ortho doctor.

I continued to pray and ask God for wisdom on what to do. I didn’t feel led to go to a Orthopedic Doctor so I continued speaking the Word and thanking Jesus for my healing. I just chose to believe what God says....
He took All sickness and disease on the cross for me. 1 Peter 2:24. By His stripes I AM HEALED!
A few days later I realized I had no pain so I started moving my arm/shoulder around to see if there was pain and WOW....no more pain!!

God loves us and has provided healing for us! Don’t give up and don’t give in!!
The Word works if you work it!!

Carissa StubbinsComment